Fun Plane Processing

Abstract Sky, a plane goes into space
I took this shot at sunrise yesterday and thought I’d go a bit crazy with the processing of the shot. I quite like the abstract photo in the end!

Abstractly processed plane

A before/after of the Abstract Sky photo

What processing in photoshop did I do?

This is the orginal photograph - Straight from camera

In camera raw I only changed the temperature/white balance by 400 as I shot in camera WB of ‘cloudy’. Now in photoshop:
dublicated the background layer
Dodged the two planes/lines in the sky
– Added a ‘Color Negative’ curves adjustment layer
— Changed this layer to screen @ 20%
– Made a levels adjustment layer just for this layer
– Added a ‘Cross Process’ curve ajustment layer
—Change this layer to ‘Linear burn’ and you’re all done!!

Photoshop Video tutorial

Here’s everything I’ve done in a short video tutorial It’s pretty fast but afraid I don’t have the time at the moment to redo the video)

Any questions, Just ask!

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